Playful, experimental visual arts for happier communities

Arts Lab is an experimental learning hub for artists and the community to promote and benefit from the visual arts.

We are a social enterprise based at Dartington for artists to develop innovative ways of engaging others in creative doing and thinking that affects positive change in people and places.

Our aim is to help to build and energise happier and more connected communities. Through shared creative making, we become better thinkers and problem solvers, more active doers and genuine collaborators with a love of learning from and with each other. 


We provide:

 – a programme of visual arts workshops and events for all

– a hub for artists with support and opportunities

– outreach and social inclusion projects

‘What the arts can do is reinforce peoples’ belief in themselves. It reinforces peoples’ hope in something bigger than themselves. If they have that hope, they might work a little harder to solve some of the problems.’

                                                                                                                               Joyce Di Donato 2016

Arts Lab embodies a ‘progressive lab for living and learning’ that is central to Dartington’s ethos. Through dynamic ideas and creative making grounded in what it is to be human, we experiment, play, collaborate and challenge the status quo.

“Freedom to express, unjudged, supportive, inspirational and fun”