Artist Hub

For you if …..

• you’re an artist for whom remaining creative and innovative is important

• you studied in the arts some time ago and have either stopped being creative or struggle to remain inspired

• you’re a recent arts graduate adjusting to life outside college

• you’re currently an arts undergraduate or an art foundation student

• you’re studying creative subjects at A level or GCSE and seriously considering art college

• you have no arts qualifications but are nonetheless enthusiastic or ambitious for creative practice to be integral to your life

In opposition to all that is trammelled and uninspired, we believe that artists are catalysts for positive change and forgers of deep connections and that art makes the world a better place. Our aim is to bring artists and their practices together to question and to experiment and to explore social and cultural diversity.

The Lab’s programme for artists of all ages and levels of experience is a vital resource to connect, collaborate and develop innovative approaches to facilitation and the creation of inspiring artwork.


  • Creativity is easy to underprioritise
  • Stifled artists can become isolated or depressed
  • Arts graduates abandon making art at a high rate, becoming underfulfilled and resulting in a society that misses out on their contribution
  • Opportunities for artists to meet, collaborate and share informtation and ideas are scarce
  • Opportunities to experience doing art as an antidote to all that is product-led are scarce
  • External pressures on colleges promote overcrowding with inhibiting schedules, resulting in theoreticasl and literal minded approaches. This and student debt means there is demand for alternatives

How you benefit

  • You and your work can flourish in a non-judgemental and supportive environment
  • Connections with like-minded practitioners with broad ranging experiences, levels of expertise and shared values
  • Encouragement to work beyond comfort zone in expressive, experimental and experiential ways
  • Opportunities to be involved in arts-based activities without conforming to the standard ‘how to’ methods of learning and teaching
  • Builds individual creative identity and confidence
  • Fosters experience of doing art and not commodifying it
  • Builds and reinforces individual relationships and provides benefits of collaboration/ working in groups
  • Broadens knowledge and opportunities of finding/ creating paid work in areas directly related to your own practice
  • Results can include work for exhibitions/ performances or to help towards portfolio building
  • Exposure to all that goes on at Dartington – a re-emerging beacon of innovation and opportunity
  • Memorable, out of the norm experience in a spacious artist studio in the heart of the Dartington estate in rural Devon
  • Fun