Arts Lab offers a year-round programme of artist residencies across various disciplines.


Weekend residencies for artists with any amount of secured funding (including self-funded), we offer set time in the Lab for a modest fee to cover basic running costs.

Working independently of gallery and ‘jumping through hoops’ systems, we offer you a platform from which to explore and develop your practice. 


Cost – £210 per 3-day weekend

Number of artists per residency – between 1 and 5 (sharing the total cost of £210)

Suggested programme

  • studio practice/ make work for 3 days
  • studio practice or 2.5 days and hold an exhibition on the final afternoon – Sunday
  • exhibition for full 3 days open to the general public
  • exhibition for full 3 days alongside studio practice (open studio model)

What we offer

  • spacious studio from 9am-9pm on Friday, Saturday & Sunday (dates to be agreed)
  • studio use induction on preceding Thursday evening 6-7pm (including arrangements for picking up & dropping off keys, health & safety regulations, installing /hanging systems, etc.)
  • free publicity (if you so choose) for your exhibition/ open studio via Dartington and Arts Lab social media & websites
  • availability on site of accommodation, cafes, restaurants & other entertainment

What you need to bring with you

  • all personal studio practice equipment & materials
  • copy of public liability insurance document

For an application form, contact Arts Lab. 

Seasonal Resident ‘Experimenters’

We are always looking for artists committed to progressive approaches to making, engagement and learning. Developing innovative ways of connecting the community with art and artist(s), we invite applicants to submit a proposal for our programme of seasonal, resident experiments . You can apply if:

  • you are a visual artist looking for a platform from which to explore and develop a new idea  
  • you work in a different discipline but with an interest in expanding your practice through visual arts collaboration
  • in exchange for the space in the Lab and support to freely experiment, you can make contributions to Arts Lab’s What On programme of workshops, events and exhibitions and/ or our outreach programme.

Your length of stay at the Lab will depend on the type of project, your requirements and how your experiment fits into the rest of Arts Lab’s programme. Previous ‘experimenters’ have stayed for 3 to 8 days. However, this can be extended. To see all past experiments, go to Projects & Experiments:

Cececilia Simonyi – Illustrating Play & the Imagination Spring ’20 (postponed)

Anna Boland – Snapshots of time Winter ’19/’20

Alice Clough – Word-Body Summer/Winter ’19

Forged Line Dance Company – Interpretations Spring ’19

Louise Schmid – Winer Cycle & Rhizomes Winter ’18

Jonathan McCree – Razz-Twizzler Autumn ’18

Stephen Park – Creativity Sweetspot Autumn ’17

We accept one artist/ group of collaborating artists per season. Currently, we are looking for ‘experimenters’ for our spring and summer 2020 seasons.

To complete an online an application form, click here >>>

Arts Lab Award for Graduates & Postgraduates

In partnership with Plymouth College of Art, we offer the Arts Lab Award for graduates and postgraduates in the visual arts. This scheme commenced in June 2019, with Georgina Lewis from the Drawing, Painting & Printmaking programme being the first successful recipient. She will be working in the Arts Lab studio every Wednesday and Thursday and, with mentoring from Sara D-L, developing her own series of workshops and events as the year unfolds. Georgie will also be starting the MA in Drawing, Painting & Printmaking at PCA in September.

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