February 2018 – Collaborative drawing and body movement during an Arts Lab workshop with J McCree.

February 2018 – “Arts Lab femmes” by Tansy West. Yet another fabulous film by A level student and Arts Lab film intern, Tansy … this time capturing some art workshop training for Torbay community builders.

February 2018 – “Freedom” by Tansy West. The grand finale of a 10 week DAISI project supporting mental health in schools.

December 2017 – “Making Mondays” by Tansy West. Another great film by our Arts Lab film intern, capturing the mood of a typical Monday lunchtime workshop.

October 2017 – “Spontaneous” by Tansy West. As Arts Lab’s film intern, Tansy West, a sixth form film student from Kevicc in Totnes, made this beautiful short film. Her take on it – ‘spontaneous’ – was a result of the impromptu nature of the Making Mondays workshop making use of swathes of paper, acrylic paint and cards instead of brushes …. and all participants collaborating. You get a sense why the studio’s a chilled place to be.

June 2017 – “Noisy Circles” by Sara & Art Machina team. Recently I was invited to take part in a DAISI workshop in Exeter encouraging artists to ‘get more digital’. Art Machina is a project run by Sam Eyres in partnership with DAISI (Devon Artists in Schools Initiative). It supports young people in Devon to work with professional artists to explore new innovations in digital media. Addressing the reality of young people’s attachment to digital technology, the idea is to expose them to additional ways of using this medium in creatively expressive ways. Hence the role of the artist. We were shown interesting examples of how to incorporate digital techniques and processes in our visual art work with young people. Helen Snell, Laura Denning and Tony Minion all use digital technologies in their work in contrasting ways. They presented some of the work they had done in schools, giving some great ideas to take away.

Juneau Projects and the other presenters got us all creating stuff ourselves which was really exciting. In 20 minutes our little group made this film. Think of how much further young people could take these ideas with their superior knowledge of the medium. And the input of spicy creativity from artists working alongside these experts lends itself to some exciting outcomes.

May 2017 – “In the Round” by James Rowden and Sara Downham-Lotto. – An example of the hope that is out there! These guys from London’s Key4Life had a great day at Arts Lab a couple of weeks ago. Thanks James Rowden for setting up the camera and putting this together (my music choice).

May 2017 – “Do more of what you love 2” by Kirsty Allnutt (teaching assistant Totnes Progressive School) – improvisation and dance for the Dartington Arts Lab summer exhibition 2017. This piece used a painting created in an Arts Lab workshop with young people from Key4Life, and music suggestions from other Arts Lab artists to inspire movement and dance.

May 2017 – “Student Feedback” by Jake Moran (art foundation student). Because it makes us feel good and is useful for promotional and funding purposes, Arts Lab is collating feedback from our various service users. Capturing this on film can be really effective. Have a look at the splice of feedback below from one of our Enrichment Days for Kevicc. Many thanks to Jake Moran for putting this together. Jake is currently studying on the Art Foundation Course in Totnes and has made another, longer film capturing the energy of the day (see 28th March blog).

March 2017 – “Prepping for youth offender visit” time-laps by  James Rowden. The GoPro was low on batteries, so this is all you get! Things were just about to hot up! Better luck next time.

March 2017 – “Enrichment Day 2” by  Jake Moran (Art Foundation student). Local art foundation student, Jake Moran created this upbeat promotional short film based on the second of Kevicc’s Enrichment Days at Arts Lab. The brief: to illustrate the energy, engagement and collaboration that goes on during a typical studio session. James Rowden, the Lab’s film and video tutor/facilitator guided Jake through each main stage of the film-making process. We were both impressed with the outcome, given Jake’s heavy work load on his course and other film-making for the Plymouth Film Festival.

March 2017 – “Hacking Club I” by Kerry Smallman. Arts Lab’s Hacking Club produced this great little film of last week’s antics. Thanks Kerry Smallman for posting “….. People brought in some of the weird and wonderful projects they had been working on, including some seriously pimped-up childrens’ toys, a fantastic modular synth, a bass guitar made from a pitchfork and many more things besides.  We did some sonic experimentation by mic-ing up some giant slinkies. The results were astonishing and we will be putting up our sounds on the hacking club Soundcloud very soon.”

November 2016 – “Enrichment Day 1” by Zanna Lotto (A Level film graduate)., produced by James Rowden. This one-minute film sums up the creative energy and collaborative play ethos of everything we stand for at Studio 20. 26 year 8 students from Kevicc, Totnes had a fabulous day freely exploring film and painting techniques. And the collaboration between James and Zanna is another success story of how well professionals and young people can work together to produce beautiful results. Thank you to both.

October 2016 – “School Curriculum Enrichment” time-laps by  James Rowden. Hooray! – energy, young people, collaboration and making the most of the fantastic studio space and grounds at Dartington.

September – “Black and White” by Zanna Lotto (A Level film graduate). Zanna Lotto (aged 18) started making this film in July when Arts Lab was based at Aller Park and has just finished putting it together. Zanna, completed A Levels in Photography, Media and Film this year and went directly to work as an intern for Sea Dog Productions in Dartmouth. With some TV production experience under her belt, she left Sea Dog to work again as an intern with Will Johnson at Wired with Disney and the Totnes Cinema.

August 2016 – “Team building at Arts Lab” by Miles Cooper. In exchange for a free team-building Monday morning session of collaborative painting, Miles Cooper from Cupcake Videos and VU Online put together this promotional video for Arts Lab. Miles and VU are two of the many supporters of Arts Lab in its endeavour to develop and improve the lives and work of young people and artists. In the Autumn Arts Lab will be creating another short film speaking more directly to young people, made by young people of young people working and presenting their stories. Music by Joakim on Soundcloud:

June 2016 – “Coffee” by Jake Moran (A Level film student). This lovely little film is the result of a successful collaboration at Arts Lab between James Rowden, professional film maker, and Jake Moran, A Level Film student at Kevicc. – A great little film illustrating how much must have been learnt in just a few hours. James writes: “When you make a film about an action as everyday as making coffee, the benefit is that you can really focus on the craft of shooting the film sequence rather than on the subject matter itself. When I originally trained with the BBC I think we filmed a sequence of boiling an egg!”

May 2016 – “Play” by Zanna Lotto (A Level film student). This is a 50 second film by my daughter, Zanna. Put together from photographs of some of my past workshops and everyday playing and doing scenes of the Lotto kids when they were younger, she’s cleverly synchronised the images with some of her favourite music from Metronomy. Great link here: James Rowden who’s working with me at Arts Lab, has just emailed – “I went to school with Joe Mount (the man behind Metronomy), who funnily enough grew up on Dartington estate just up the road from Aller Park.”

April 2016 – “Afternoon at Aller Park” by Zanna Lotto (A Level film student). Easter holidays and two of my kids are with me in the studio: Theo doing some reading between skateboard stunts; Zanna flexing her filming muscles with plenty of good material.