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Social justice underpins all of the outreach we do at Arts Lab. We work with vulnerable groups – young people, prisoners and young offenders, refugees, those dealing with daily challenges around mental health, older people and the hard to reach.

You can find out more about our guiding principles and how we do outreach at Arts Lab in Our work.

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Mental Health

We help the 1 in 4 people in the UK who suffer from a mental health problem. Regular creative making in a safe and familiar environment, reduces anxiety and isolation in people’s lives, strengthening community, family and friendship connections. Together, we create some beautiful artwork, we talk and we laugh and confidence flourishes.


At a time of squeezed resources in education and the arts, we are a valuable resource for schools and colleges. Our generation of increasingly isolated, uninspired and disempowered young people need creative learning to inspire a sense of purpose, optimism and opportunity. We provide curriculum enrichment for schools and training and mentoring opportunities for students in, before or after higher education.


Statistics of suicide, self harm and reoffending amongst people in and out of UK prisons have soared in the last few years. We make art with prisoners, prison staff and organisations preventing youth offending to positively transform their environments. Through a shared sense of purpose and hope, incidents of suicide, self-harm and offending/reoffending are reduced.


We help towards supporting refugees, displaced individuals and learners of English as a foreign language to integrate into new communities and lead meaningful lives. Through art and conversation, we develop language skills, share stories, create friendships and make positive connections between our past and hopes for the future.


We are a resource to assist in combatting family and community issues of fragmentation and isolation. Financial and social challenges and the all pervasive internet haven’t helped. Our workshops bring people together to interract and share the positive experience of creating together. Working with intergenerational groups, the marginalised and hard-to-reach, we get people talking and laughing, stengthen relationships and build bridges.


To read what’s been said by some of the people who have spent time working with Arts Lab over the years, click on the name and you’ll be taken to the full story.


Anna – College isn’t for me
Chris – First paid job doing what I love
Fran – Curating should benefit wellbeing in the community
Jake – I got one-to-one BBC-style training
Jordan – I curated my first exhibition before going to college
Klara – Grateful for the opportunity to explore
Mia – Testing the ground for new audiences
Ness – Who’d’ve thought I’d enrol as an art student at 50!
Stuart – Art gives deeper meaning than business
Tansy – Dreams of becoming a film director
Zanna – I made Arts Lab’s first films when I was still at school

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