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If you are a social enterprise, organisation or independent company interested in or already working towards creativity and play being more integral to people’s lives and communities, Arts Lab would like to meet you and explore ways of working together.

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Our partnership with the Dartington Hall Trust began in 2016. In line with their ethos of experimentation and social inclusion, we see ourselves as an extension to the ‘progressive lab for living and learning’ and believe that creating art is central to ‘the many sided life’. The Lab’s base in the heart of the estate is an ideal place from which to run our programme of workshops and events for the general public.

In collaboration with the Dartington Hall Trust, we also provide a venue for occasional Dartington Arts events. Go to Our Work to see our involvement with the Stream Festival.

King Edward VI Community College

We’ve been in partnership with Kevicc from the start, supplementing the school’s visual arts provision. We run annual enrichment days, offer support for portfolio building and provide opportunities for 16+ artist volunteers to get involved at the Lab. Our arm also extends to the Art Foundation students at Kennicott.

Visit the Kevicc website

College of Art

Arts Lab has an ongoing partnership with Plymouth College of Art – ‘a beacon of hope that still values the individual human being – the artist and the maker’. We are a resource for graduates and postgraduates, providing opportunities for professional practice development, placement mentoring and internships and residencies.

Visit the Plymouth College website

Apricot Centre

The Apricot Centre (CIC) Wellbeing Service for Children and Families works with young people and families ‘on the edge of potential.We think that wherever there are trouble and difficulties, creative solutions can also be found. Our therapists work in teams across East Anglia (Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk), and South Devon. We offer a range of specialist therapies, assessments, mentoring and also less intensive farm activities which foster wellbeing.’
Arts Lab’s first work with the Centre was at a Youth & Wellbeing Forum hosted by Schumacher College in 2018. We are currently working in partnership with them on our Covid-19 response Young Artists – Sharing the Light project.

Visit the the Apricot Centre website

Imagine this …. Torbay

Imagine this …..  Torbay is a big lottery funded partnership programme looking at ways to improve lives for children growing up in Torbay. Led by Torbay Community Development Trust, the overall purpose of the partnership is to work together to create solutions that improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people. Arts Lab is one of the working partners, specifically in the area of public health, helping to develop provision for 0-19 year olds through visual art.

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