November 2017 Klara Ferm, Arts Lab’s photography intern, took these photographs of artists working on Stephen Park’s November weekend course ‘What they don’t teach you at art college’. Klara is currently studying BA Photography at Plymouth College of Art and extremely busy with assignments. Credit to her for coming into the Lab on a Sunday doing her bit for the Lab!

October 2017 Tansy West took these photos of the October Key4Life visit. She is currently studying A Level film at the local secondary school and has recently joined our team as Arts Lab’s film intern.

July 2017 Klara Ferm, Arts Lab intern photographer, joined us for the day, working with refugees and Integr8. Klara is currently in her second year at Plymouth College of Art studying for a BA in Photography.

April 2017 19 year old Beth is currently on the Totnes Art Foundation course. Last month, she wrote and asked if she could visit Arts Lab to support her final project, the photographs for which are shown below. “I have begun to capture creatives in their working environment: studios, home, school, wherever they choose,” says Beth. “Working with Sara and talking to her about the development of Arts Lab has helped me to understand where I want to take my own interests. What I like about the Lab is how creativity is encouraged to thrive under any circumstance and amongst all ages. I really hope to continue working with this exciting enterprise.”

Earlier this week, Arts Lab came across another great study in photographs, not of artists, but of ‘London Youth’ by Julian Mahrlein“The portraits, shot on the streets with natural light, reveal a tender side to a generation so often misrepresented and who face a world in profound flux,” says Mahrlein, whose work has just been published.

May 2017 Klara Ferm, a film undergraduate from Plymouth College of Art, has been fitting in visits to the Lab between college commitments. She has proved invaluable in documenting our work with Key4Life with these beautfiul photographs.

March 2017 Zanna Lotto (a recent film and photography A Level graduate from Kevicc) came to the studio and took these photos of the young illustrator Anna Gordon and Sara Downham-Lotto combining their practices – drawing and painting.

October 2016 James Rowden, on the Arts Lab team as film and photography tutor, took these shots during a Kevicc curriculum enrichment day.

June 2016 James also took these  photographs of our rooms at Aller Park when Arts Lab was based at the old school.

June 2016 Anna Gordon’s regular visits to Arts Lab working towards art college entrance, took full advantage of James Rowden sometimes being there. He gave her his camera and taught her how to use it. Anna’s love of dogs creeps into every aspect of her work.