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Welcome to our Shop

Buy from us and help to make the world a better place

If you are looking for a place to start or grow your art collection or book a workshop whilst also helping to make a difference to peoples’ lives, why not start here. 75% of profits from all sales go to the artist or directly reinvested into community projects. Every item in our collection of prints and original art, together with our workshop offer has been especially chosen to:

  • Transform you and your spaces with art that’s uplifting, makes you think, tells a story, or simply beautiful.
  • Connect you with the artist through the story of the each artwork or, in workshops, by sharing their approach to making art.
  • Involve you in contributing to the wider good. You will help our social enterprise to continue into the future, supporting artists with skills training, mentoring and providing creative opportunities and learning for those with limited access to art making.