Supporting refugees and displaced persons

with Integr8

In July 2017, Saif Ali from Integr8 invited Arts Lab to be part of the support network “enabling refugees and asylum seekers to integrate and lead meaningful lives.” On a hot and sunny first day of July, Arts Lab had a great collaborative few hours with Saif and a number of displaced adults and children from Syria and the Congo. We did what we’re best at, bringing people together, creating fun through our workshops and getting people to think and share and learn and leave with positive spirits. The day also couldn’t have been such a success without the warmth and enthusiastic involvement of the Devon team of Interg8 mentors.

Our team of undergraduate interns – Klara Ferm photographer, Jake Moran film maker and Anna Donaldson illustrator were outstanding in how they juggled ‘integrating’ with intrepreting the day through their mediums. Of great help also, was Amy Orr, a Masters student in Art Therapy with a specialism in working with refugees.

Saif and I are currently on the same School for Social Entrepreneurs course and look forward to further developing relationships between Integr8 and Arts Lab.