What we do

‘Creating art is central to the development of a good citizen.’

Josef Albers, Black Mountain College of Fine Arts & Progressive Learning

Social justice informs all our work with communities – it’s why we do what we do, and guides how we choose our partners. It is our aim to provide far-reaching access to making and creating activities across all sections of society with artists as facilitators for social change. With a collaborative approach, Arts Lab complements and enriches service delivery of broad-ranging organisations with our own unique provision. 

What we do

  • We provide an open, non-judgemental environment in which to express and create freely with the guidance of artists across a range of disciplines.
  • Together, we have fun exploring, experimenting and playing with a range of art materials, techniques and ideas.
  • Our most popular medium is drawing, painting and collage. A typical session might start by working together on a giant expanse of paper with pots of brightly coloured paints, large brushes and potatoes for printing.
  • Our inspiration can come from our surrounding landscape, a special piece of music, live examples of artists’ work and the creative energy of each other!
  • The sessions are very much participant led with guidance from the artist. Creating at times collaboratively, in small groups and independently, the pace varies and embraces what those in the room want to follow or express on the day. No workshop is the same.
  • There will always be something to take away with you on top of the memory of a fun session – a finished piece or something to continue working on at home, keeping those creative juices flowing.

Where we do it

We can create pop-up creative making spaces with you wherever you are. In schools and doctors’ surgeries, prisons and people’s kitchens, galleries and gardens, our priority is to create a welcoming, safe and non-judgemental environment to make art together.

If you’d rather come to us, Arts Lab is currently growing its capacity to run workshops online. We have made the decision in these precarious times, to work from a virtual platform in ways that can reach audiences wherever you are from the comfort of your home or place of work. Sign up to one of our workshops or send us an email and we can tailor an activity that suits you.


Creativity, curiosity and play are not just for the young, for artists or for those who can afford it. Whether a prisoner, business professional, school child, refugee, you or me – our needs are the same: to be able to express, to be heard, to have a purpose and to be part of a community. As a Community Interest Company, Arts Lab works with education and health services, local businesses, students of art and education, refugees, prisoners, the hard-to-reach, learners of English as a second language and marginalised groups.

Arts Lab’s approach is made to engage everyone. Through art and the personal investment of those we work with, we provide space for creative expression, experimentation and a love of learning. Vulnerable prisoners, business professionals, students, tired parents and carers: people who come through our door all benefit from the ‘unjudged, supportive, inspirational and fun freedom to express’ and share hope in something better.

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