Interns as workshop assistants

We are looking to grow our team of interns to support artists to run workshops. Perfectly suited to students, you will need to have basic skills in working with people and a serious iterest in a career in the arts and or working with people.

What we provide:

  • per workshop – £5 for lunch plus travel expenses of up to £5
  • promotion of you and your work on Arts Lab website, blog and monthly newsletter
  • opportunity to share, learn from and develop working styles and skills alongside experienced artists
  • opportunity to connect with other artists and interns on the project
  • opportunity to benefit from other diverse events and activities on the Dartington estate
  • opportunity to ‘grow’ your CV

The intern is expected to:

  • submit completed Arts Lab Artist Application form along with a written expression of interest to Arts Lab
  • commit a minimum of 4 hours per week to working alongside an artist delivering a workshop – setting/clearing up, supporting participants, making teas/coffees, etc.

Artists as workshop leaders/collaborators

Arts Lab is always on the look-out for creatives with dynamic and progressive approaches to making, engagement and learning. We aim to build our team of outstanding artists with diverse expertise and approaches to creativity to deliver:

  • Arts Lab’s quarterly programmes of workshops, events and exhibitions for artists and the wider public
  • a menu of workshops for organisations, institutions and programmes working with 12-25 year olds

Below are the guidelines and basic structure required for artists to RUN a 1 or 2 DAY WORKSHOP.

What we provide:

  • spacious workshop area within the Dartington Estate
  • marketing support via the Dartington website and newsletter
  • inclusion of event and artist bio on Arts Lab website, blog and monthly newsletter
  • frequent social media posts alongside quarterly printed flyers
  • administration of bookings and payments
  • intern to assist set up workshop
  • basic materials and equipment kit of equipment for use during workshop List attached
  • refreshments for duration of workshop

The artist is expected to:

  • submit a written outline of your workshop proposal to Arts Lab
  • complete and submit Arts Lab Artist Application form
  • supply any additional materials required for your course to run
  • advertise the workshop within your own social media and other platforms of marketing, utilising your own mailing lists and contacts.

Payment terms

  • £200 daily fee
  • Art materials costs: This can be either costed into the workshops overall price per person or be a list of materials that each attendee is required to bring along with them at their own cost. 
  • Minimum bookings required is 10 for the workshop to be viable
  • Artist to have own up to date public liability insurance and DBS certificates, copies of which to be presented to Arts Lab in advance of the workshop(s)
  • Workshop space to be left clean and tidy at the end of each workshop session

Each workshop is costed to its unique needs and requirements. However, we try and keep the price per person between £60 and £70 per workshop day.

The workshop day runs from 10am to 4pm. Additional time is required for the artist to set up, clear up and leave the studio as they found it.

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