‘Increased confidence and social skills, freedom to express, unjudged, safe and supportive, inspirational and fun.’

‘We love the flexibility and creativity in all that you do here’

Sarah Pollard –  Key4Life


What’s Been Said

“Arts Lab is ideal for young people with emotional and medical/mental health difficulties. Students feel safe there, overcome their reluctance to get involved and have fun.”  Debbie Chalk – Assistant Principal Schools Company South and West Devon Academy

“The studio at Dartington feels like another world which helps students remember educational experiences in a positive light.” Ben Moon – Art tutor, King Edward VI Community College, Totnes

“A massive thank you to Arts Lab. It has been such a rich experience, transforming my life. I now have friends for the first time in years with enough confidence and optimism to go out into the world.”  Janie aged 19

“Thank you for hosting, organising and inspiring the most fantastic sessions in your studio – everyone loves them!”  Eva Hamilton MBE – Founder & CEO of Key4Life

I would highly recommend any sessions run at Arts Lab. With a unique delivery style, students are encouraged to experiment and express themselves.”  Tim Wightman – Head of Creative Arts, KEVICC

For youth and education services

What we offer & cost

For groups: experimental mixed and multimedia workshops run by professional, practising artists with a breadth of experience working with young people as tutors and facilitators. We promote the fun and freedom of making art independently and with each other:

  • half day experimental making £150 per group (max 20)*
  • whole day experimental making £250 per group (max 20)*
  • residential weekend (please enquire)                             *Additional materials cost of approx. £35 depending on size of group and length of session

For individuals – invitation to: our regular programme of workshops, events and gatherings on our Current Programme page; get involved as an intern or mentor as seen on our All Opportunities page.


Bookings & enquiries

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Who for exactly?

Organisations, institutions or programmes working with 12-25 year olds:

  • children’s services
  • GPs and mental health services
  • alternative school provision for school refusers
  • youth offending/ reoffending prevention programmes
  • mainstream secondary school curriculum enrichment

Young people as individuals who are:

  • experiencing complex social and emotional needs which make them more vulnerable
  • experiencing mental health issues
  • enthusiastic to experience arts engagement in a new environment outside of school

What’s the problem?

One in four of our country’s 12-25 year olds suffer from anxiety and/or depression. We have a generation of increasingly isolated, uninspired and disempowered young people without purpose. Add to this political instability and the fact that the health & welfare services, education and the arts have been seriously compromised by financial cuts and the problems confronting our young people become stark.


Art is a great leveller. It helps to connect people with themselves, each other and the world around them. Arts Lab is a safe, non-judgmental environment, where working alongside professional artists, participants are inspired and helped to raise their aspirations. Young people leave the lab feeling happier, more active and optimistic.

Why choose Arts Lab?

  • We provide a safe and non-judgmental environment
  • We provide a memorable, out of the norm experience in a professional artist’s studio
  • We give the opportunity to make the most of the physical setting of Dartington using its beauty as a place for artistic inspiration as well as for walks and picnics
  • We encourage participants to work ‘beyond their comfort zone’ in expressive and experiential ways
  • We provide opportunities to enjoy art-based activities without conforming to the rules and regulations of formal in-school lessons
  • Participants can benefit in several ways from working with professional artists (for example, as part of Arts Award qualification)
  • The workshops can help to build and reinforce individual relationships, as well as providing the benefits and rewards of working in groups
  • The workshops can help to overcome reluctance to get involved and ’have a go’ by breaking down self-consciousness and the pressure to ‘perform’
  • We instill curiosity and love of learning through engaging and interactive activities
  • The workshops can reduce anxiety as well as build self-esteem and a ‘can do’ mentality
  • Results can include bold, bright work that can be taken away and exhibited
  • Central to what we do is providing enjoyment
  • We have the flexibility to bring our service to you to engage with those who are anxious about learning in unfamiliar places

For youth and education services Workshop
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