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Art students, teachers and trainee teachers

In opposition to all that is trammelled and uninspired, Arts Lab believes that artists and teachers are catalysts for positive change and forgers of deep connections. Art and people-centred education make the world a better place. Our aim is to bring artists, educationalists and their practices together to experiment and play and to express individuality and social and cultural diversity. The Lab’s quarterly programme is a vital resource to connect, collaborate and develop innovative approaches to facilitation and the creation of inspiring artwork.

‘(We) need to challenge what we take for granted in our daily lives. Life is not linear. It’s organic. (There exists a) dynamic diversity of talent’

Ken Robinson Bring on the Learning Revolution

Higher Education

What we offer

Experimental mixed and multimedia workshops for groups of up to 20 students, run by professional, practising artists with a breadth of experience working with established, emerging and student artists. Developing creative confidence and critical thinking, we promote the fun and freedom of making art independently and with each other:

  • half day experimental making £150 per group (max 20)*
  • whole day experimental making £250 per group (max 20)*
  • residential weekend (please enquire)                                *Additional materials cost of approx. £35 depending on size of group and length of session

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What’s Been Said

“You have been an inspiration to students on the B.Ed. Art and Design specialist pathway at Plymouth University bringing ‘fresh eyes’ to approaches that engage learners in developing visual art processes. What the art education students really like is Arts Lab’s practical, ‘hands-on’ approach to workshops led with energy and enthusiasm!”  Sadie Medway – Lecturer in Education (Art and Design), Plymouth Institute of Education

“Fantastic stuff, and thank you so much for the opportunities that you have provided for my students to engage with wider arts practice this year!” Dan Paolantonio – Co-Programme Leader: H.E. Film, Plymouth College of Art

“Thank you for welcoming the students to your studio and providing them with such a rich experience which I know they valued greatly.” Julia Pope – Lecturer in Education (Art and Design), Plymouth Institute of Education, Plymouth University

“…the chance to start working with Arts Lab is absolutely invaluable to me…”  Georgia – assistant for “Creative Play” project – 3rd Year Fine Art Student, Plymouth University

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