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Sassy Second Saturdays

For all artists over 16 years

10th March, 14th April, 12th May 2018

£50 (includes basic materials and refreshments. Bring your own favourite materials to share, plus lunch)

Venue: Arts Lab

Colourful and lively whole-day immersive experience building creative confidence and challenging pictorial norms through drawing, painting and collage with Sara Downham-Lotto.

Sara is an abstract painter with over 30 years’ experience working in studios, exhibiting and teaching in schools and colleges around the UK and abroad. “My approach to arts facilitation mirrors how I make a painting – direct, accessible, honest and always energetically experimental. My specialism is colour and layering through collage and mixed media, where the role of process and experimental, individual making is as important as the finished artwork.”

What they don’t tell you at art college

For all artists over 16 years

17th March 10am – 4pm

£70  (includes basic materials and refreshments. Bring your own favourite materials to share, plus lunch)

Venue: Arts Lab

A practical course run by Stephen Park to help you survive and flourish as an artist . About “action, creative flow, resilience and other animals, this is a compass of transformation”, drawing on Stephen’s breadth of experience as artist and tutor in colleges around the country.

For images and more details, go to Creativity Sweet Spot

Stephen was closely involved with the Dartmoor Arts Summer School since its inception in 2006, and throughout his career taught and delivered workshops at various places including The Royal College of Art. “Artist, idler, part-time contrarian, middle-aged bloke”, says Stephen. “I have spent a lot of time around creative people. Generally the artists who truly flourish are those who have gone through a process of profound change, within which they find ways to do the most they can, with what they have, in the time available. They make artwork with clarity of purpose that is assertive in its own qualities and which no one else could have made. They ‘become themselves’ through what they ‘do’. I have witnessed this transformation a number of times and I believe I have some insights which could be useful to any creative person at any level of ambition. I also really enjoy the company of other creatives, and look forward to meeting and talking with new artists at Arts Lab.”

In the studio

It’s in the Doodle

For all artists over 16 years

21st April 2018  10am – 4pm

£70 (includes basic materials and refreshments. Bring your own favourite materials to share, plus lunch)

Venue: Arts Lab

One day workshop with artist/illustrator Claudia Schmid, step-by-step doodling – examining – extracting – transforming. Anyone who enjoys doodling and/or is curious about how to create artwork starting from doodles is welcome – no previous skills needed. “Doodling” says Claudia, “is something many people who wouldn’t consider themselves as artists enjoy doing. Doodles are pieces of art in themselves or they can be a source from which one can extract ideas that are developed further.” Claudia has spent many years doing just that.

Claudia writes: “I am a Totnes based artist whose drawings and handmade strange creatures have found resonance locally and further afield. As well as exhibiting my work on a regular basis, I collaborate with writers on book projects (most recently Matt Harvey) and run art workshops alongside my exhibitions.

The workshops I run at Arts Lab provide a great opportunity to approach drawing in a loose and playful way. We will be looking for and developing those creatures and characters that inhabit us by bringing them to the surface. They will surprise us and we will surprise them by giving them a new life on paper, card, clay or whatever material we choose to work with.”

Jonathan McCree ii

Do be do be do, the touching eye

For all artists over 16 years

28th April  10am – 4pm

£70 (price includes basic materials and refreshments. Bring your own favourite materials to share, plus lunch)

Venue: Arts Lab

Whole day workshop with Jonathan McCree. Weaving together drawing, movement and film making, you will explore how artists and spectators make and experience art with their bodies. Blurring distinctions between movement, dance and drawing, we invite the question, “what if the outcome of a graphic process is not an object?”

For images and more details go to Body and Dance

Jonathan is a London based artist with 20 years’ experience exhibiting his work in the UK, Europe and the USA. Collaboration is a big part of his practice, having enjoyed working with sound artists, composers, dance performers, film makers, architects and designers. “I like to think of painting as a form of behaviour’, writes Jonathan, “something to be lived; a way of being in and relating to the world. I see these values embodied in the programme Sara is developing at Arts Lab”.

“The outcome of the art making process is always joyously unpredictable. Art has the potential to generate actions and activities, which explore ideas, dynamic relationships and situations. I am very excited to share my practice and experience with Arts Lab and to become a part of the programme.”

What’s been said

“I am finding my way as an emerging artist. Working mostly on my own, I’ve wanted to find a place to meet like-minded creatives, collaborate and make art. Discovering Arts Lab has allowed me to find these things and more.”   Charlotte (Fine Art graduate)

“I went to art school in the late 1960s, the experience of which influenced everything I’ve done since. Arts Lab is a reconfirmation of my belief that being creative alongside other creatives can change your life.” Michael (arts graduate & retired publisher)

“Sharing my knowledge of film-making, I hope to empower and enable others to experiment with the medium and to facilitate other artists to use film as part of their work.” James (commercial film-maker and videographer)

I studied Theatre with Choreographic Practices at Dartington College of Arts in 2009. Arts Lab has given me the opportunity to reconnect with much of what I love, collaborating with other artists and developing workshop opportunities utilising my skills.” Kirsty (arts graduate)

“Having trained in Theatre Design years ago but been unable to work in the creative industry for a long time now, Arts Lab has been a great find.” Ness  (arts graduate and events manager)

I’ve been working at Arts Lab since it started in 2016 and am now, in part thanks to the Lab, studying at Plymouth College of Art; it really helped me build my confidence and identity as an artist.”  Emily (22-year-old ‘emerging’ illustrator)

“I benefited from working with Arts Lab whilst doing my A levels and throughout my Art Foundation course. Recently accepted onto a degree course to study Commercial Film and Television, my hope is to maintain contact with the Lab to broaden my experience and opportunities for when I leave college.” Jake (BA Film and Television student)

“I always come away from the Lab buzzing with new ideas and with my creativity topped up for another week.” Ali (co-runs Storylines and specialist Tate St Ives learning team)

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