Young Artist Experimenters

Young Artist Experimenters

Mia-Violet Leech, Beth Carter-Woodhouse & friends – spring 2018

In the spring of 2018, Mia, a young Arts Lab artist volunteer curated and ran a series of Intergenerational Days of Making and Sensory Play at the Lab. Bringing together a team of young artists with the local community, participants ranging from 6 months to 65 years old were invited for free, drop in sessions in sponge painting, foot and finger painting, egg decorating and jewellery making,

‘The day gave us young artists the opportunity to interact with a variety age groups and develop community engagement and facilitation skills. We learnt how to manage space, how to run a day from scratch and the benefits of sharing our art practices. This opportunity gave us all (and those who came) a sense of purpose, self worth and increased confidence. As young artists we often feel dismissed, with too few, if any, platforms for experimentation, error and the learning that stems from this.’

Mia-Violet Leech

Photographs by Beth Carter-Woodhouse


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