Arts Lab Community day


Arts Lab Community day


Arts Lab Community day


Arts Lab Community day


Arts Lab Community day


Championing imagination, curiosity and experimentation to build a better world

We are an artist-run social enterprise that connects ‘artist change makers’ with communities to collectively re-imagine and set in motion positive change.

Recent events have highlighted the need to find ways of staying connected, build meaning and purpose into our lives, and navigate the complex world we live in.

The Arts are a fantastic vehicle for transformation. They bring people together, give voice and encourage individual expression; they challenge norms and explore new possibilities; they improve mental health and wellbeing; a great leveller and builder of dreams, they inspire hope and help to create a world more equal and fair.

Our job at Arts Lab, therefore, is to make the arts accessible to everyone, offering:

  • Hands-on creative making activities and projects across communities.
  • Opportunities to view, share and buy beautiful artwork.
  • Inspiring stories about people, ideas and projects that transform.
  • A dynamic online presence that keeps artists and communities making art and making change.
  • Support for artists to develop new, mutually beneficial ways of connecting with audiences.

‘Make it, look at it, share it, talk about it, this ‘magical stuff’ called art can take your mind off things, connect you with others, and help you to stay playful and confident to make positive changes in your life. It can also get you thinking in different ways; you stay open to a life of learning and curiosity, and build purpose into what’s absolutely right for you and the world you want to live in.’   

Arts Lab Founder & Creative Director, S. Downham-Lotto


A platform for artists to meet, make work, and above all, to experiment

A platform for artists


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What’s on

Glyndebourne Opera 2021 Festival exhibits Hammick’s ‘Underworld’
17/01/2021 - 30/12/2021All Day
Glyndebourne Opera 2021 Festival exhibits Hammick’s ‘Underworld’

Printmaker Tom Hammick, weaves together references to opera, poetry, cinema, architecture, myth and memory, in upcoming exhibition

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Olafur Eliasson: Public art made virtual
31/01/2021 - 30/04/2021All Day
Olafur Eliasson: Public art made virtual

With so many galleries closed in lockdown, hear how artists are responding in new ways, including Olafur Eliasson's departure into augmented reality.

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Can't Get You Out of My Head
11/02/2021 - 27/02/2022All Day
Can't Get You Out of My Head

Love, power, money, ghosts of empire, conspiracies, artificial intelligence - and You. An emotional history of the modern world by Adam Curtis.

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I joined the art workshop to support my adult son who is recovering from a mental health problem. It is helping him enormously and in a climate of severe cuts in the NHS, it is the only therapy group in our area.


A massive thank you to Arts Lab. It has been such a rich experience, transforming my life. I now have friends for the first time in years with enough confidence & optimism to go out into the world.

Janie aged 19

Thank you for hosting, organising and inspiring the most fantastic sessions in your studio – everyone loves them!

Eva Hamilton MBE
- Founder & CEO of Key4Life

The studio at Dartington feels like another world which helps students remember educational experiences in a positive light.

Ben Moon
- Art Tutor

Arts Lab is ideal for young people with emotional and medical/mental health difficulties. Students feel safe there, overcome their reluctance to get involved and have fun.

Assistant Principal
- Schools Company South & West Devon Academy

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