Key 4 Life

Key 4 Life

Sara Downham-Lotto & Klara Ferm

‘Inspiring and fantastic sessions! – A significant contribution to our rehabilitation programme’
Eva Hamilton MBE – Founder & CEO of Key4Life

Since 2016, Arts Lab has been working in partnership with Key4Life contributing to their rehabilitation programme reducing youth offending for men in prison or at risk of going to prison.

Picturing a typical Key4Life afternoon at Arts Lab: stroll through the grounds of the Dartington estate to the studio, floor partly covered with expanse of paper, paint pots and household brushes. The room’s big but warm and welcoming with everything you need to draw, paint, make a mess, make music or even make a film. The GoPro camera is rolling and the DJ rap artist playing energising tunes. We’re all set. Enter twenty 18-25 year olds. They have two hours to chill and to be themselves, pick up a paint brush or a mike, write lyrics or draw a dragon, perform rap or walk barefoot across the painting.

These guys have had it tough – in care most of their lives, in and out of substance abuse and prison. You know it’s been a good session when they leave the studio with paint on their shoes and charcoal-smeared faces.


Offender rehabilitation & prisons, Organisations, Young people