Two Way Mirror

Two Way Mirror

Stella Scott & Alice Andrews – Spring 2021

Crossing boundaries between art & documentary film with prisoner experiences of being locked up in lock down

Two Way Mirror is a project Arts Lab’s Spring Experimenters are working on to create a film with Dartmoor prisoners that crosses boundaries between art and documentary based on the experience of being locked up in lock down.

Working with the Lab’s Sara Downham-Lotto, London-based filmmaker Stella Scott & set designer Alice Andrews are extending their research and film portfolio around themes of voice and social justice. Over the course of their virtual residency, they will be sharing examples of their work with other communities, alongside findings and developments of their ‘letter exchanges’ with the prisoners at Dartmoor. 

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Image: stills from Reverie – a film and photography series capturing the dreams and aspirations of young people by Stella Scott and Alice Andrews, commissioned by Dazed Digital. 


Artist, Experiments, Offender rehabilitation & prisons


Art in Prisons, Covid-19 response, Film, HMP Dartmoor