Snapshots of time

Snapshots of time

Anna Boland 2020

Exploring invisible fleeting moments in time

During her winter residency at Arts Lab, Anna Boland used the studio to undertake a period of experimentation within her practice, to test out new ideas and to explore and develop her work in new directions.  Anna is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is process driven and material focused, working in 3D with 4D digital projection to explore moments in time. Previous work has explored ideas of the unseen and making the invisible visible. Current practice explores the “jiffy” and fleeting moments in time, specifically the duration of 1 minute. Anna presented her recent work to the general public at an evening event at Arts Lab in February in 2020.

‘Arts Lab provided me with space to test out ideas and consider potential avenues for future works.’ Anna Boland

For more about Anna and her work, see her website ->


Artist, Experiments