Team bond and build

Team bond and build

Sara Downham-Lotto and Torbay Youth Trust – Summer 2018

As an ‘away-day’ from office and admin responsibilities and challenges at the Torbay Youth Trust, 4 key members of staff spent the afternoon in the Arts Lab studio. Together they came up with a scheme of how to fill the spread of paper with colour and expressive energy. Rounded off with a discussion on how this kind of collaborative problem solving could influence working relationships in the Trust, everyone left with a spring in their step! Also acknowledged was the benefit of getting away from the scene of work and having an opportunity to break the cycle, releasing tension through creative making.


Sara Downham-Lotto and VU Online Website Design – Spring 2016

Team-building away day with the entire workforce of VU Online, Totnes. The group created a collaborative painting – the starting point for a finished piece of artwork made by Sara Downham-Lotto – installed in the company’s entrance hallway.


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