Acid Rose original painting


Original, unframed, mixed media painting on board.

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Anon Dartmoor Prisoner. 1 of the 20 prisoners we have worked with over the last 2 years, the artist created this piece alone in his cell between Arts Lab sessions. To learn more about our work with prisoners, follow the link.

The story of Acid Rose. Inspired by playful painting experiments in group sessions, this piece was created on pre-cut and primed board by an individual prisoner in his cell. It is one of many examples of the expressive value of paint – the stuff itself and the act of painting – that the majority of prisoners have taken to so eagerly. In most cases, the process has been enhanced by the prisoners’ ingenuity and the discovery of new materials and processes. A ‘magic potion’ of floor polish, ground crayon pigment and PVA glue was excitedly shared out in group sessions, contributing to the range of painterly experiments. The learning has been steep for all of us!

‘Encouraged to explore new approaches to making art, I’ve discovered that I love painting and all of the things it can do. Each time I make a picture, I discover something new, pleasantly surprised by the end result.’ Dartmoor prisoner

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