Life Light


Limited edition glicée print of mixed media painting by Sara Downham-Lotto.



Sara Downham-Lotto is an abstract painter with a background in Fine Art & Art History. She is the Founder & Director of Arts Lab, with over 35 years’ experience working in studios, exhibiting and teaching in the UK and abroad. To learn more about Sara and her work, go to her website.

The story. Sara’s artistic practice is based around giving new life to discarded artworks created in workshops she has run or her own paintings she no longer likes and might otherwise throw away. Circles feature in much of her work. Although Life Light is made up of repetitions of the same motif, each circle when viewed close up, has its own distinct character.

‘I keep everything! My layering process – deconstructing and reconstructing – is as much about paying homage to the people I have worked with, as creating something new and intriguing to look at. It’s about building up and taking away, cutting up, rubbing out, stencilling and painting over, scratching into, rearranging, and the discoveries made en route.’ Sara D-Lotto, 2020

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