Worlds 2


Original, unframed mixed media collage & painting on board by artist Sara Downham-Lotto in collaboration with prisoners at HMP Dartmoor, UK.

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Dartmoor Prisoners & artist collaboration. A group of up to 12 vulnerable, male safer custody, prisoners at HMP Dartmoor, engaged in Arts Lab’s two-year Great Prison Art Exchange project. To learn more about our work with prisoners, follow the link.

The story of Worlds 2. Worlds 2 is one of a series of 30 collaboratively-made pieces intended to carry positive messages of inclusivity and diversity, hope and opportunity both inside and outside the prison environment. Working with abstract artist Sara Downham-Lotto, the group – working together in workshops and independently in their cells – freely and playfully explore mixed media, building up a collection of textured and patterned papers. Sara then assembles in her studio all the elements into finished collaboratively-made artworks. Some of these pieces are then returned to the prison and installed on the corridor walls. Or they are kept back for exhibitions and to sell. Through a shared sense of purpose and aspiration, artist and prisoners create art to transform the environment, improving wellbeing inside and out.

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