Limited edition glicée print of a collection of individual renditions of a daffodil painted by male prisoners in Dartmoor Prison.



Dartmoor Prisoners group collaboration. A group of 8 vulnerable, male safer custody prisoners at HMP Dartmoor, UK, engaged in Arts Lab’s two-year Great Prison Art Exchange project. To find out more about our work with prisoners, follow the link.

The story of Daffs. 8 male prisoners; 8 interpretations of a daffodil, hand-picked on the moors around HMP Dartmoor. This assembly of powerful, but delicate and individual experiments with charcoal and paint on card, is one of hundreds of artworks created under the facilitation of Arts Lab artist, Sara Downham-Lotto inside the prison.
‘The project encourages inclusivity and is challenging in a good way, taking me outside of my comfort zone and connecting with others.’ Dartmoor prisoner.

‘Through shared creative making, we make the first steps towards positive change. We talk, we laugh, we learn and begin to trust each other, build self-esteem and build relationships.’ Sara Downham-Lotto

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