I am not an Island


Limited edition glicée print of a digital illustration created by young designer Rachel Hopkins in response to National Awareness Week, focusing on loneliness.



Rachel Hopkins , 22, is an M.A. student in Illustration at Plymouth College of Art. She was an active member of the Young Artists Sharing the Light team during UK’s first Covid lockdown and beyond from April-August 2020. To learn more about our work with young artists, follow the link.

The story of I am not an island, I am the Ocean.

‘I guess everyone feels lonely sometimes. Some people feel more, some less. Some people like to be on their own, enjoying their own world inside, and some people love to be the centre of attention. We are all different, but there is something that makes us the same – we all need human touch. A conversation, small talk, somebody to hold the hand and ask “Are you Okay?”. I believe that creative people can feel more lonely. They see the world around them differently. As an artist myself, I feel quite lonely sometimes. The feeling that no one understands you and can’t see the word with your eyes. But that’s what makes everyone so special. So be the ocean. Share your vision, your thoughts and your love with the people around you.’ Rachel Hopkins, June 2020

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