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Imaginarium of Us

Burn the Curtain & Sara Downham-Lotto - Spring-Autumn 2021 Community cohesion. ‘Celebrating the extraordinary and the everyday, the places we love, and our hopes and dreams in a beautiful corner of local...

Two Way Mirror

Stella Scott & Alice Andrews - Spring 2021 Crossing boundaries between art & documentary film with prisoner experiences of being locked up in lock down Two Way Mirror is a project Arts Lab’s...

Being Human

Matt O'Halloran - Winter 2020-21 Exploring perceptions of good and evil with prisoners 'I am an illustrator about to complete a 2-year part time M.A. at Plymouth College of Art in the...


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Curated by Francesca Beards Meaning in Montage is an exploration and celebration of the medium of montage or the ‘composite image’ (an image with many parts). Montage as a technique, offers...


Curated & presented by Anya Rose Homeland is a collaborative exhibition showcasing five young photographers’ memories and reflections of the area they grew upin Devon, South West England. ‘We want people...