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mel triptych photograph UK 2020

Autumn Experimenter photographer captures artists in ‘the zone’

During her virtual residency with the Lab as our Autumn 2020 Experimenter, until December, photographer Viola Depcik will be sharing with us her process of discovery as she explores ways to engage with and depict artists at work. 

‘I’ve always had the idea of working more closely with artists through my photography. The idea of capturing artists in ‘the zone’ – immersed in the creative process, in their own spaces – has always fascinated me. A recent commission for the Mothers Who Make initiative to work on the project Motherhood and Making: Portaits in Lockdown, provided an insight into this world. The virtual residency with Arts Lab, will provide me an opportunity to develop this theme in more depth, with the freedom to explore in a way that could lead anywhere. Because most of my projects until now have been restricted by predetermined briefs from clients, I’m excited to embark on a period of experimentation and enquiry into the unknown. Through this, I believe dormant, unexplored ideas and skills will be (re)awakened. I’ve always been shy and private with my practice and so using Arts Lab as a platform from which to celebrate and share what I do will be a big step in building my confidence as an artist.’

Viola Depcik