Arts Lab Experimental visual arts for social change

We need to talk – facing difficult conversations through art

At Arts Lab, in our ongoing project, Young Artists Sharing the Light – We Need to Talk, we take the time to Listen, Learn, Make and Act to show our support and solidarity with movements such as Black Lives Matter that advocate social justice.

Using creativity as a medium to tackle some of the key issues we face in today’s society, we hope to engage in peaceful conversation around important topics, spread awareness and build bridges. Have a look at some powerful imagery in our Instagram postings of June 8th-14th 2020.

‘On the young artist team, we feel passionately that we must use our platform to help us connect with others, learn and inspire if we want a better future and safer community. That is why we want to enagage in ongoing difficult conversation. To action support, we make work that supports and promotes those individuals and organisations at the forefront of this change.’

Arts Lab is committed to affecting positive social change in the local community and beyond. We believe it is our duty to support those who are fighting to end discrimination which has no place in our modern world.