‘Home Land’ – Photography Exhibition

‘Home Land’ – Photography Exhibition

‘Home Land’ – Photography Exhibition

Date & Time

04/09/2020 - 09/09/2020
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


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Exhibition showcasing 4 local, young photographers’ take on the theme ‘home town’. ‘We want the people of Totnes to share how we have used the town and surrounding countryside to inspire our own narratives through experimental photography.’

All 4 artists live in Totnes in transition between art college and careers doing what they love.

Anya Rose shoots all her images on analogue with ideas revolving around our initial impressions of others and expectations of ourselves. She is about to make the transition from Totnes to London to study photography. Her ultimate aim is to contribute to innovative change in the creative industry.

Safia Mirzai photographs people in her local community, ‘capturing the beauty inside a person that not everyone can see.’ Recently, she has been enjoying focusing on photographing the women in her life, exploring their personal challenges and creating images that are both liberating and intimate.

Kiska Jones’ photographs aim to capture the innocence, growths and pains of youth. She is currently working on a project documenting her younger brother’s  journey into young adulthood. Kiska is currently studying on an Art Foundation course in Exeter with the long term goal of making a living from her chosen craft.

Poppy Barnett’s work combines the simplicity of analogue portrait photography with nature to reveal naturally occurring similarities and differences. She has always worked with film cameras, preferring to take things back to basics. Poppy wants a future career in photography, ultimately working with brands who create and promote sustainable fashion.

Running time

ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE (hoping to re-open Arts Lab studio September 2nd 2020)

Start date 4th September 2020 TBC

Fri 4th, Sat 5th, Sun 6th, Mon 7th, Tues 8th, Wed 9th September

10am – 5pm daily