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Two Way Mirror

Stella Scott & Alice Andrews - Spring 2021 Crossing boundaries between art & documentary film with prisoner experiences of being locked up in lock down Two Way Mirror is a project Arts Lab’s...

Being Human

Matt O'Halloran - Winter 2020-21 Exploring perceptions of good and evil with prisoners 'I am an illustrator about to complete a 2-year part time M.A. at Plymouth College of Art in the...

Great Prison Art Exchange

Sara Downham-Lotto & Chris Sargent - March 2018 ongoing Reducing self harm and suicide in male prisoners. Transforming spaces inside and outside prison with artist-prisoner collaborative artwork. ‘The project encourages inclusivity and is...

Winter Cycle and Rhizomes

Louise Schmid - Winter 2018 Building shared experiences of winter through painting & words Over the course of 7 days, Glasgow-based visual artist Louise Schmid based herself at the Lab to develop ideas...

Key 4 Life

Sara Downham-Lotto & Klara Ferm ‘Inspiring and fantastic sessions! - A significant contribution to our rehabilitation programme’ Eva Hamilton MBE - Founder & CEO of Key4Life Since 2016, Arts Lab has been working...