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‘Spring Experimenters’ take our work with prisoners to a new level

Introducing Stella Scott and Alice Andrews, our Spring Experimenters who will be taking over Arts Lab’s virtual residency for the next few weeks. 

Stella and Alice will be collaborating with Arts Lab and their work with prisoners at HMP Dartmoor, to create a piece named Two Way Mirror, the developments of which they are excited to share with you! To whet your appetites, they will be showcasing some of their other projects in our weekly instagram takeover every Tuesday. 

Stella Scott started her career making participatory films in 2004 when she led photography and film projects for young people at Kid’s Company. She’s since made films for charities such as Platform, CARE and Unicef, and institutions like the Tate, the National Theatre and the Guardian. 

Alice Andrews is a set designer who tells stories through sculpture and 3D mediums. Together they run participatory film projects and make films that are installed in an interactive gallery experience. 

Needless to say, we’re super excited to be working with this duo!

To learn more about what they do, see their websites: Stella Scott and Alice Andrews