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Arts Lab graduate award highlights need for experimentation

June 2019

Georgina is the successful recipient of the first Arts Lab Graduate Residency Award in June 2019. Graduated from Plymouth College of Art with a first class honours in Drawing, Painting and Printmaking, she based herself at the Lab for a couple of months leading to the start of her M.A., also at Plymouth. 

This was a fantastic opportunity to push further with my ideas and communicate with the public. The space allows for my practice to breath and reach further into the understanding of the “painted surface” and dialogue through painting. I want to encourage public conversation and learning through the open studio. In turn this will create a wider discussion around the benefits and the need for experimentation in painting.

I am influenced by objects found in nature and urban environments; their textures, forms, and spaces inspire me to paint. The use of objects provides me with visual information that I can respond to, and Isabelle Graw’s ‘The Love of Painting’ has been fundamental in helping me to understand how they play a significant role in relation to painting and my practice. 

My practice centres itself around responding to surroundings and I locate objects which I have an indexical connection to; this is my starting point for producing drawings and paintings which respond to the triadic relationship between myself, the object and space.’