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Daffs at HMP Dartmoor

A regular Friday afternoon in the art room at HMP Dartmoor with the Safer Custody group. But you should’ve see their faces when they were each given a flower to draw and paint. As ever, though, everyone got involved, more than happy with the results. 

We’re coming to the end of the first stage of a Big Lottery-funded project working with safer custody prisoners at Dartmoor Prison. Between us – together in the prison art room, alone in our cells or in the studio at Dartington, we’ve create some amazing work. 5 collaboratively made pieces were submitted to the Koestler Awards last week as well as most of the prisoners in our group submitting their full quota in the individual category. Dartmoor, if we get accepted, should be well represented on the South Bank this year.

‘I wanted to express my gratitude to Arts Lab for their commitment to the art project over the past year.

I am very proud of what we have achieved, it has been very special and my involvement has been a highlight of my time spent as Safer Custody Manager.

Moving forward, I dearly hope that you manage to secure the necessary funding, there is no doubt that the sessions improved the lives of those involved and has played a part in making the Dartmoor community a little safer.’

Safer Custody Manager – HMP Dartmoor