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Imaginarium of Us

Burn the Curtain & Sara Downham-Lotto - Spring-Autumn 2021 Community cohesion. ‘Celebrating the extraordinary and the everyday, the places we love, and our hopes and dreams in a beautiful corner of local...

Two Way Mirror

Stella Scott & Alice Andrews - Spring 2021 Crossing boundaries between art & documentary film with prisoner experiences of being locked up in lock down Two Way Mirror is a project Arts Lab’s...

Being Human

Matt O'Halloran - Winter 2020-21 Exploring perceptions of good and evil with prisoners 'I am an illustrator about to complete a 2-year part time M.A. at Plymouth College of Art in the...

Great Prison Art Exchange

Sara Downham-Lotto & Chris Sargent - March 2018 ongoing Reducing self harm and suicide in male prisoners. Transforming spaces inside and outside prison with artist-prisoner collaborative artwork. ‘The project encourages inclusivity and is...

Snapshots of time

Anna Boland 2020 Exploring invisible fleeting moments in time During her winter residency at Arts Lab, Anna Boland used the studio to undertake a period of experimentation within her practice, to test...


Forged Line Dance Company - Spring 2019 Exploring connections between drawing, dance & painting A collaboration between Bath's Forged Line Dance Company & Arts Lab, artists and dancers at all stages of development came...