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Kitchen Table Art

Sara Downham-Lotto - ongoing Improving mental health, reducing isolation and strengthening communities. ‘The support and encouragement found in these sessions is a rare find when one is embarking on a journey of...

Team bond and build

Sara Downham-Lotto and Torbay Youth Trust - Summer 2018 As an ‘away-day’ from office and admin responsibilities and challenges at the Torbay Youth Trust, 4 key members of staff spent the...

Sensory Play

Mia-Violet Leech In the Spring of 2018, Mia, a young Arts Lab artist volunteer curated and ran a series of Intergenerational Days of Making and Sensory Play at the Lab. Bringing...


Sara Downham-Lotto 2017-18 This was a DAISI project connecting artists, young people and their schools to support the wellbeing of students who have identified themselves as experiencing mental health issues. Sara Downham-Lotto...

Take it Outside

Sara Downham-Lotto 2017 ‘Arts Lab is ideal for (young) people with emotional and medical/mental health difficulties. Participants feel safe there, overcome their reluctance to get involved and have fun.’ Assistant Principal Schools...